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Update, 5th December 2014:

Over the last 48 hours, Trustees have carefully reviewed the suitability of holding a celebratory firework display so soon after the tragic death of Charlotte Bevan and her baby daughter Zaani just a short distance from the bridge. Having thought very deeply about this, it is felt that the planned event should go ahead.

The loss of Charlotte and Zaani, as well others who have previously died in the Avon Gorge, will be marked by a minute of quiet and reflection prior to the start of the firework display at 7:00pm.

We will set up a collection with the proceeds going to a charity, which we hope to discuss with Charlotte’s family at an appropriate time.


Celebrating 150 years since the opening of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, a spectacular FREE firework display will take place at 7pm on Sunday 7th December. The display will be set to music, available over a broadcast system.

  • The fireworks are free. There are no tickets on sale – just turn up and watch! The display begins at 7pm and will last approximately 12 minutes.
  • The best viewing locations will be the Portway, Brunel Way and Cumberland Basin. It will be possible to walk down Bridge Valley Road and turn right onto the Portway to watch from the Sea Walls side, as well as watching from the city side.
  • If you plan to watch from the Avon Trail or Basin, please be aware that it is high tide. Bring a torch and keep away from the river banks on your way to and from the event.
  • There is an exclusion zone for your safety from Clifton Observatory to the side of the gorge, running across Suspension Bridge Road, over the grassy area next to the bridge and down Sion Hill past the zig zag path. This area will be fenced off. The Portway and Avon Trail underneath the Suspension Bridge will be closed to pedestrians from 18:00 – 20:00 for safety reasons. Please note that the display will not begin until these areas have been cleared of all members of the public.
  • If the wind is blowing south-west as is common, Observatory Hill will be in the smoke zone.
  • In order to set up the display, the bridge will be closed to traffic from 10.00am on the 7th and the Portway and Bridge Road closed in the evening for the duration of the display.


Taking photographs

A small area has been reserved for members of the press and television for this event. If you would like to take photographs for your own use, plan to turn up 1-2 hours before the event to secure a good location. The display is scheduled to begin at 7.00pm sharp and will last approximately 12 minutes. The centre of the highest burst wil be 200m above the bridge (that's equivalent to the whole length of the bridge) and some fireworks will also fire down into the gorge. There will be a mix of bright white and coloured fireworks so be prepared to adjust your exposure settings.


Remember to wrap up warm and dry - and if you would like to follow in the steps of those who attended the first fireworks display at the bridge 150 years ago, bring along your sparklers or glowsticks and join in! You can also share your photos of the display with us on facebook or twitter using the hashtag #fireworks150


Win tickets to the VIP area!

Win front row seats to the fireworks with the Bristol Post! All you have to do is send your memories and old pictures of the bridge to the Bristol Post. The Post will print as many of the stories and pictures as possible in a supplement to celebrate the anniversary and the best five will win two places in a special VIP vieweing area during the fireworks display.

Email or write to The Bristol Post, Temple Way, Bristol, BS2 0BY.


Live locally?

Keep animals safe! Important Advice for pet owners.


Responsible Fireworks

There is a strict risk assessment and health and safety policy for this event. The fireworks may be delayed if any members of the public are in the exclusion or fall out zones when the display is meant to begin. For the enjoyment of everyone and your own safety, please do not climb over any barriers or attempt to reach viewpoints close to or below the bridge which have not been made publically accessible.

The fireworks used in this display will have biodegradable casing and contain insoluble compounds which will not damage the plants or wildlife of the Avon Gorge.

Sunday, December 7, 2014 - 19:00
Clifton Suspension Bridge

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