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  1. Vehicles liable to pay a toll shall not cross the bridge unless the applicable toll has been paid prior to crossing
  2. Pedestrians shall keep to the footways and shall not enter the roadway on the bridge.
  3. Pedestrians shall only enter footways which are open to the public.
  4. Cyclists shall keep to the roadway on the bridge and shall use the cycle lanes at the toll barriers and shall not enter the footways unless dismounted.
  5. No motorcycle, moped or other motorised vehicle shall be taken on the footways or cycle lanes.
  6. No person shall proceed across the bridge if so instructed by an authorised officer of the Trust.
  7. Bridge users shall comply with all official notices and with directions given by an authorised officer of the Trust.
  8. No person shall enter any tower, shaft or toll building.
  9. No person shall climb on the parapet walls, bridge parapets, iron girders, suspensions chains or other parts of the bridge structure.
  10. No person shall use the bridge for BASE jumping, parachuting, rope swinging or bungee jumping.
  11. No person shall throw any object from the bridge.
  12. Dogs shall be kept on a lead at all times.
  13. No signs, stickers or other objects shall be attached to the bridge.

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