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Today I took the Bristol In-sight sightseeing bus from Clifton Village, it is a double decker bus and the top doesn’t have a roof, so you can view whatever you want and stand up if necessary. The seats are really comfortable. The driver was really kind and told me everything about riding the bus safely and the speaker did that too, introducing himself every time a new passenger hopped-on. The bus does a really long route in and around Bristol, it starts at a special bus stop in Millenium Square and then does a loop around the city. The tour normally lasts 1 and a half hours but in my case it lasted for 2 hours because there was a lot of traffic. As the bus moves, the speaker tells you about all the surroundings, he is really good and explains very well, so you will see a lot of things, from the Bristol Aquarium to the back of the Avon Gorge and even the sea and Wales. On the route you will also see the Clifton Suspension Bridge.



I didn’t already know all of the things that the speaker said, except for the history of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the Clifton Suspension Bridge.
I will tell you 5 things that I found funny or interesting out of all the information that I learned today:

  • The Castle in Castle Park was demolished by Bristol’s citizens during the English Civil War, the funny part is that they enjoyed it;
  • Bristol initially was called “Brycgstow” that in old English means “the place at the bridge”, then with the new accent they started to say it in the way we hear it now;
  • Cary Grant’s real name was Archibald Leech, and when his career was beginning he encountered a woman and she said to him that if he wanted to be a famous actor he should have changed his name into something more normal, so when he signed for Paramount, they changed his name to Cary Grant.
  • Yesterday there was an event at Bristol Zoo to let Pokemon Go players unite in a single spot and lure pokemon, the problem was that in half an hour they reached the capacity limit of 2000 people, and the queue to get in was really long, so they had to kick out the players and close the Zoo. But it had a positive side: the suggested donation was expected to be £3 pounds each, so the Zoo raised about £6000 yesterday;
  • There is another river in Bristol, the Frome, it goes 1 and a half miles under the city in a tunnel, simply outstanding!

My favourite stop was just before hopping-off, we went to see the back of Avon Gorge and in the return we passed in a road between trees, and there was a really good smell of nature and spring so I enjoyed it the most, even if it was cold.

I would recommend this trip to everyone who doesn’t know the history of this beautiful city, and to everyone who wants to spend 1 hour and a half relaxed and who wants to enjoy the beautiful views of the tour.

If possible, go for it when it is sunny, unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted because it started raining in the middle of the trip and we had to go to the bottom floor, but it is still good. And remember, that the bus ticket is valid for 48 hours, so if today is raining, I can decide to go tomorrow and maybe it will be sunny!


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