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Hello there,

Wednesday the 13th July I went to MShed, a really cool museum near the city centre, I took advantage of the day to visit other attractions too so I went to Arnolfini, an art gallery and to The Architecture Centre.  


I will not lie, MShed was really cool and different from other places I have visited. Essentially is is the first museum I have ever really visited so everything was new to me, except for the history of the Clifton Suspension Bridge of course! I didn't expect to like it as much as I did because I have always felt museums are not for me.

I liked a lot of the interactive platforms all around the place, because if you interact with something you will learn the information easier than reading it from a wall.

On the other hand I didn’t feel I could appreciate all the information as there was just so much.  I found, for me,  there was too much information written on a particular theme or person, leading to a miscomprehension of it. But this is just for me, I don’t really like reading except newspaper or Manga and I am not often interested in things that I don’t find cool. I can see visiting museums in general is subjective to the person who visits the museum and their interests.

Overall, I liked it a lot because I saw a lot of beautiful things and I learned something new.



I must admit that I don't really like traditional art e.g paintings as it does not fit my personality, but I have always respected art if done well. 

In this case I found the attractions of Arnolfini quite tricky as I feel they were displayed really well and I guess it is the objective of the exhibition to get drawn in the art, but I found I couldn't connect with the pieces as much as the interactive displays in MShed.

The two images below are the most interesting items I saw in Arnolfini as they were a bit different - installation art drew me in and I liked the pop art style of the painting.

In general, the Arnolfini is not really great for people like me as I don't like art, but you might find something you like! 


Unlike traditional art, I really like architecture and all types and styles! Maybe because I have always loved Egypt and Roman Era since when I was a little kid. Even though I didn't really find the artwork on display in the Arnolfini that inspiring I did like the building and would have liked to learn more about it and it's history.

The Architecture Centre

I found the appearance of the Architecture Centre a bit unusual and it had a complicated lay out. There wasn't as much to see there as I had expected but they obviously do a lot of work.  The exhibition there was really intersting just too small. I hoped to spend half an hour inside it but instead I spent 10 minutes.

The positive side is that I found it really interesting and displayed in a proper manner, I really enjoyed it and though it was really small I learned a lot!



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