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So here we are, today is my last day here at the Clifton Suspension Bridge and in Bristol too, because I will leave from Bristol Airport tomorrow at 6 am, so I wouldn’t consider it as a day.

However, I don’t really know what to say, this experience of 5 weeks here at the Bridge (plus 1 week of English course) went really fast, probably because I enjoyed staying here in the city and working at this place, I didn’t mind being  1500 km away from home because it was really good here.

As I said many times to English people here, it is not really different from Switzerland, even the city and the countryside are similar to what I know so I have adapted myself to the environment very quickly. I will probably miss the city a lot because it is a beautiful one. Broadmead will always be in my heart.
The worst thing about Bristol or England in general is the weather, I won’t miss it simply because I’m not a lover of sudden rain, and I prefer to be sunny but not so hot instead of sunny but really hot.

During this experience I didn’t really learn a lot of things but I have improved a lot of things.
My English is better, as when I began to start English I have always been good with vocabulary and grammar, the problem was to talk.
The most important thing for me is how much I am fluent in a language, so in this case I feel I have improved a lot because now I can reply almost like I do in Italian, I don’t have to think about the answer for some time I just say it and that’s it, I absolutely love it. Thanks to the weird accents of the people here in the Clifton Suspension Bridge Volunteer team, I have even improved my listening skills, even if I don’t like the British accent (I prefer American accents) now I can understand almost everything.

As a person and for my future and life in general, I learned to care for myself alone, I’m more independent and I proved to myself I can do it even if I have no help from my family or friends.
I understand more the value of the money and life.

As a work experience now I can do many tasks better in English, so in Italian it will be even better.
I learned to manage the desk and how to interact with customers and, I now have more team-work skills because of the many volunteers.
Laura and Helen were really good to me and taught me everything about the jobs I should have done and how all the Visitor Centre works, so I really have to thank them for their patience.

I discovered this scholarship opportunity thanks to my German teacher, every school should inform the students that there are possibilities but they do not always do it.
Be careful and always check websites if you really want to do an experience like this.
If you live in Switzerland you can contact the department of competence, for me in the Italian part was “DECS-DFP: Lingue e Stage all’estero”.
For any other country you can simply search to see if there is a department that does these scholarships and try to discover it.

Overall I found this experience really interesting and exciting, I recommend an experience abroad like this to everyone who wants to improve as a human being and add something to the curriculum, and obviously to improve a language and to gain experience in work.

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