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This morning we went to the launch of Disabled Go (Bristol), an online accessibility guide which aims to provide local residents and tourists with all the information required to choose where to eat, shop, drink or visit. The project has been supported by Destination Bristol and Bristol City Council but was founded in 2000 and has information on over 125,000 venues across the UK. It is free to use, can be accessed online or via mobile phone and provides factual, detailed information. The site allows you to choose font size and colour, and also has audio and language options to make it easy for everyone to use. You can search for types of venue or attractions within a selected number of miles of a city or postcode and filter the results based on your own access requirements.

Each venue has a detailed access guide which will be refreshed by Disabled Go each year. The guide includes basic information such as opening times, contact details and location - but also has specific information on the distance from bus stops and railway stations, information on car parking, access into the venue and the facilities available inside. With larger venues, directions to the toilets, cafe facilities and so on are also provided - and every section is accompanied with photographs to give users a clear idea of layout, flooring surfaces and so on. During the project, 1,000 sites across Bristol were visited and assessed in person including our Visitor Centre. Assessors also commented on the specific features of the venues they visited, giving information such as the load a hoist can support or any additional equipment or facilities available.

During the presentation, we were also told that a BSL interpreter will be added to the site and that anyone who needs assistance to perform a search can telephone the Disabled Go office on 01438 842 710 to request assistance and have search results sent by post.


We also met the team running Mobiloo, who are based in Stroud. Mobiloo is a mobile accessible toilet which has a hoist, changing facility and access lift. You can hire Mobiloo and a driver/lift operator for your event!


The Visitor Centre is also listed on Euan's Guide, a disabled access review site with content submitted by disabled people and their families.

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