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The flying of drones is not permitted within fifty metres of the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  

  • For a map of the no-fly zone please download the PDF at the bottom of this page.
  • Taking off or landing a drone on the bridge is also not permitted.
  • In order to fly closer than the minimum distances specified in the Drone Code, you must contact Trish Johnson, Bridgemaster, by emailing bridgemaster@cliftonbridge.org.uk and obtain prior permission from the CAA.


General Information on Drone Flights

Please be aware that use of drones without following the following guidelines could lead to prosecution.

It is against the law to fly without passing the test or registering. Visit the Dronesafe website for further information and guidance.

  • See the Bristol City Council website for information about the flying of powered model aircraft, including drones, from Bristol’s parks.
  • If taking off or landing from private land, you will require the express permission of the landowner or relevant authority from where you wish to take off and land.


Filming and Commercial Use

If you wish to film a planned event from a drone, you will need to seek the express permission of the event holder.

If you are filming professionally or for commercial purposes, you will need to seek permission from Bristol Film Office and/or apply for a permit allowing you to take off and land on Bristol City Council land.

If you wish to film from a drone on a street or road, you will need to apply for a full road closure from the relevant Local Authority or the Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust, and a filming permit – available from Bristol Film Office.


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