Book Launch and Signing - 'Britain's Greatest Bridges' & 'Aqueducts and Viaducts of Britain'

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We celebrate the launch of two fantastic new works on the history of transportation with a joint signing session with authors Joseph Rogers (Britain's Greatest Bridges) and Victoria Owens (Aqueducts and Viaducts in Britain). Drop in for a chat, pick up a copy hot off the press, and discover how the industrial revolution changed the landscape of Britain and the way we travel and transport goods forever.


Britain's Greatest Bridges - Joseph Rogers

Throughout history, the need to cross the varying British landscape has always driven innovation. Natural valleys, rivers, and mountainous features necessitated the construction of bridges in ancient times to expand our horizons, transport goods, and, ultimately, conquer all corners of our island nation. Since then, with the development of technology, bridges have become not only practical structures for people and their possessions, but also prominent icons of our railway network, our reliance on motor vehicles and a desire to connect the country's settlements and communities with one another. Today, Britain has bridges spanning not only many of its rivers, but much of its history. Each age brought new designs and engineering prowess, celebrated most proudly during the Industrial Revolution. Here we admire some of the best, from the world-renowned to the minor and the modest.

Aqueducts and Viaducts of Britain - Victoria Owens

Between July 1761 when a navigable aqueduct opened on the Bridgewater Canal at Barton-upon-Irwell, and July 1963, date of the completion of the Thelwall Viaduct on the M6 near Warrington, Britain would see the construction of a great number of aqueducts and viaducts. Emblems of the industrial age, from unassuming arches built to carry canals over streams to immense multi-span structures conveying railways across estuaries or roads above plains, each bridge has its own distinctive history and character. In her book, Victoria Owens looks at the history behind some of the most iconic landmarks of the British landscape, charting the ambitions of the engineers who designed them, the endurance of the labourers who built them and the impact that they made upon the face of the nation. Numerous photographs illustrate the text, and grid references give a guide to the bridges' locations.


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Saturday, March 23, 2019 - 11:00 to 14:00
Clifton Suspension Bridge Visitor Centre
Free entry, donations appreciated

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