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After winning the European Green Capital in 2015, Bristol has continued its reputation as one of the most sustainable cities in the United Kingdom. This eco-orientation has led to an industry boom in the city as partnerships form between previously unaffiliated corporations. Cultivating a city that’s environmentally-conscious takes more than a few business partnerships, though. By focusing on the ecology, economy, and community thriving within the city, Bristol has transformed and thoroughly earned its rank among some of the most inspiring cities in the world.

Brown and Black Bees

Starting With the Ecosystem
The past few years have been tough on bee populations, which means that a variety of ecosystems have failed to receive the pollination that keeps them beautiful and thriving. News of the bee’s decline in population has most of the environmental world fearing for the future. Bristol, though, is taking steps to ensure that bees can thrive both in the meadows around the city and within the urban area, itself. The city has seen to the implementation of urban meadows, bee hotels, and safe, shelter hives, thereby allowing its bee population several refuges into which the insects can retreat. In doing so, the city’s created eco-oriented jobs - like that of the urban beekeeper - boosting its economy while seeing to the future of its surrounding environment.

Keeping the Lights On
Speaking of the economy: one of the best known ways that a city can move towards a greener future is through an investment in solar energy. Bristol is taking steps to ensuring that its energy is entirely green, even if it doesn’t rely solely on these well-known providers of electricity. Bristol Energy’s Green Energy Plan guarantees 100% green energy use within the homes of people who sign up under the plan while also sharing its profits with the community around it. This willingness to embrace the sustainable goals of the city reflect Bristol Energy’s commitment not only to its consumer audience but also to the ecology within which the city exists.

Casting The Gaze Forward
Beyond this, Bristol has also made an effort to ensure that its future rests in the hands of people who care as much about the city’s advancement and sustainable agenda. Consider, for example, the work and recruitment done by Tridos Bank. The Guardian calls this bank one of the only ethical banks in the United Kingdom, complimenting Bristol on serving as the bank’s headquarters in the same breath. At this point in time, in addition to funding cultural events and care for the United Kingdom’s older generation, Tridos Bank has put 1.4 million dollars into green energy projects and prides itself on the over three hundred million meals created by its sponsored, organic farms. Not only, then, is this bank thriving in a greener Bristol, it’s supporting communities who are looking to live with greater environmental awareness.
The industries in Bristol don’t seem to have struggled to comply with the city’s sustainable agenda. Instead, the ecosystem and economy have transformed, and the young people living in Bristol today don’t have to see a sustainable lifestyle as an unattainable luxury.


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