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Well, now it’s time for me to leave and go back to France... So first of all I would like to thank all the team of the Clifton Suspension Bridge for having me here and to have been so kind with me.

Thank you!

I’ve spent three wonderful months at the Visitor Centre and really enjoyed it! During this time I have improved my English, seen and learnt a lot of things!

In my first weeks, I assisted with the play “Orpheus and Eurydice” which took place in the vaults under the towers of the bridge and I also managed to see it! It was very unusual to see a performance in this place but that made it amazing! I’m feeling also lucky to have seen the vaults which were discovered recently.

Then we welcomed an art exhibition and I did some advertisement for that on several websites.

I also had the opportunity to attend some meetings and conferences which were very interesting for me! (about Destination Bristol, volunteering, education, etc.)

I designed posters for the free tours which are taking place between Easter and October and I was also in charge of the communication in the social media. I designed another poster and a leaflet for us to inform about volunteering at the bridge. This task wasn’t very easy as I had to reveal my creative skills but finally I’m happy with the result.


I helped Kat, the CLV Officer, with the education workshop with children to make bridges with newspapers and Sellotape or to help the very young ones to name the parts of the bridge. We also decided to make badges for the winner which I designed and made.

With Laura, we went an evening at Bristol Blue Glass where I has the opportunity to find more about the blue glass and even made my own piece, which is a very good souvenir to bring back to France!


I assisted with guided tours when the tour’s groups were French so I could translate if they needed help. It’s always a pleasure to welcome a French group and can speak my native language.

During my stay in Bristol, I also managed to visit a lot of other cities: Bath, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Oxford, Liverpool, Manchester and so on! There are lots of interesting places to visit in the UK but I definitely think that Bristol is the nicest place to live! Bristol is a lively city and there are plenty of events happening, it’s not too big or too small, there are lot of ways to get where you want in the UK and it is not so expensive.

I think I improved my English, as well my listening skills and my speaking skills thanks to everyone I met here. English people are definitely very kind!

I’m sad, but I’m leaving with a lot of good souvenirs and I will come back with pleasure!



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