Keeping Your Dog Safe While Creating Fun Memories in Bristol - a contribution from freelance writer Lucy Jackson

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Bristol consistently features as one of the UK’s most dog-friendly cities and as well as hosting unique events such as outdoor film screenings for dogs and the annual Dog-Fest held at Ashton Court, there are plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces to explore together. Of course, when you’re out and about, whether enjoying a walk in nearby Leigh Woods or on Clifton Down your dog’s safety and comfort should always be a priority.

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Avoiding Pests in the Summer
Although they can be active all year round, common pests like fleas and ticks are especially prevalent during the warmer summer months. Fleas are generally harmless but keeping them in check will prevent irritation and discomfort. Ticks can present more of a problem and removing them promptly and safely is essential. The Bristol Veterinary School has been involved in The Big Tick campaign which has been successful in spreading awareness of the problems ticks can cause and helping to prevent tick-borne diseases such as Lyme’s Disease.

Keeping Comfortable in the Winter
With a cold, frosty winter forecast, many dog owners would rather keep cosy inside and wonder if it is even safe to walk dogs out in the snow. By being vigilant in checking for ice balls in paws and avoiding gritted roads and paths, the benefits of getting outside and enjoying healthy exercise will outweigh the risks involved. Another hazard in winter is frozen water. It’s important to keep dogs on a lead near lakes and ponds and stay away from river banks and lake edges as they can be very slippery in winter.

Staying Safe Near Water
As an alternative to your dog taking an impromptu dip in a cold, muddy pond, a swimming pool in Portishead recently welcomed dogs and their owners to enjoy a swim together and learn how to keep dogs safe in water. However, during hot summer months, it is often best to prevent your dog from drinking or swimming in standing water. This is because of blooms of blue-green algae which can be toxic to dogs. The risk posed by contaminated water is just one of many good reasons to ensure that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date.
Bristol offers some great opportunities for dog owners to share experiences with their pets. By being aware of any potential dangers and regularly checking your dog for pests and problems, you and your dog can relax and thoroughly enjoy all the dog-friendly sites and events that the area has to offer.


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