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In December 2012, we were awarded a grant of £595,000  by the Heritage Lottery Fund to help us create a brand new Heritage and Learning Centre on the Leigh Woods side of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, employ a Community, Learning and Volunteer Officer, and develop a range of formal and informal learning opportunities for visitors to the bridge. In this section, you'll find some information in this section which you may find useful when planning your visit to the bridge or researching it in the classroom.


Brunel in Bristol - Shaping a City Trail.

This city wide trail map provides a great way for young people to explore places in Bristol city centre with a Brunel connection. A useful homework project!


Discover Brunel in Bristol

This factsheet provides information on five key Brunel locations in Bristol. Download it at the bottom of this page.


Feel the Bridge Move

Not for the faint-hearted! Use this activity to help pupils understand how the bridge works. This technique works best when there's lots of traffic or it's a windy day!


Workers at the Bridge

Learn more about our jobs from the comfort of your classroom!


Victorian Engineering Connections

Created by Andrew Martin for our 'Hawkshaw and Barlow Untold' exhibition, this website shows how Victorian engineers and inventors worked with and competed against each other.


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