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Earlier this year we went to London to meet the educational team at Tower Bridge and find out about their plans for education and interpretation. We saw a fantastic new video that they'd made to explain the history of their bridge and were awed by some fantastic technical drawings which showed the bridge as a whole object and explained how it worked. What a great idea!

We were incredibly lucky to be put in touch with Matt Pearce of Pearce 3D, an artist specialising in architectural visualisations. Using plans of the bridge (some dating back to the 1840s), photographs - and lots of patience, Matt painstakingly recreated an amazing model of the bridge for us, showing even small details like the bolts and rivets used in construction. The model allows us to see the complete bridge (including the underground anchorages) from any angle. Images of the model will be used in our talks and education sessions to show hidden parts of the structure and better explain the engineering of the bridge to everyone from school children to engineering experts.

If your project could benefit from some 3D expertise, contact Matt at or on 07760 666 949.

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