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Can't get to us? We also provide talks...

If you are not able to come to us, we have a small group of volunteers who can give an illustrated PowerPoint talk about the competition to design the bridge and its construction by Brunel to your group or society. Prices start from £60 for Bristol and surrounds, but we may have to add a travel charge if you're further away. 


Group talk at the Visitor Centre


‘My First Child, My Darling’: The History of the Clifton Suspension Bridge

Hear the story of one of Bristol’s great icons: a bridge dreamt of by a man who would never see it built and designed by another who would not live to see it completed. Ambitious and plagued with difficulty, the project was halted by arguments, financial problems and riots - but we’ll explain how they finally joined one side to the other.


Father and Son: The Brunels

What makes a great engineer? We explore one of the greatest influences and inspirations in Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s life; his father Marc Brunel. An esteemed engineer in his own right, Marc Brunel can be heralded as the man who shaped and nurtured one of Britain’s all-time scientific greats.


Hidden Heroes: Who built the Clifton Suspension Bridge?

Once an impossible dream, a bridge for Clifton was planned before the technology needed to biuld it even existed. Over 70 years later, a competition was held to decide upon a design. The build itself took 33 years. We explore the colourful history of Bristol’s iconic landmark and tell the stories of the hidden heroes who made the dream become reality.


Brunel and his railways

This new talk explores Brunel's work on the Great Western Railway, along with his lesser known experiments with atmospheric railways. Learn about the 'gauge wars' and how Brunel's ideas for the future of rail travel seemed too far-fetched for his day!


A Tale of Three Bridges: Clifton, Hungerford and Saltash

In this talk you will hear the tale of three great Victorian bridges at Clifton, Hungerford and Saltash and the debt that each owes to the others through the reuse and recycling of ironwork as well as ideas. Be prepared for a plenty of cunning plans, some beyond-the-grave collaboration, a little time travel and an awful lot of wrought iron.


Tales of Derring Do and Desperation: Stories from the archives
Over the years, the Clifton Suspension Bridge has seen its fair share of drama. We bring you the true story of Sarah Henley and her lifesaving dress – along with some not so well known stories about a turnip juggler, a high diving daredevil and two very lucky young ladies. (Not for the faint hearted!)


To find out more information or to book please contact Kat Tudor on or 0117 974 4664.

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