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Recognised as the UK's most dynamic, innovative and coolest city, Bristol is one of the world's top 10 cities to visit. And while it may be the tech and creative industries propelling Bristol forward, the appeal of classic landmarks like the Clifton Suspension Bridge has only increased over the years.

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Hello everybody! My name is Tim and I’m from Germany. I’m currently 16 years old and I’m doing a Work Experience here at the Clifton Suspension Bridge for just a week. This work experience was organised by my school in Bremen. Bremen is about the same size as Bristol in North-West Germany and has the same temperature and weather as Bristol. You can go to Bremen’s City Centre for a lot of sightseeing and shopping. Also nearby is the River Weser area, which is also nice for shopping or visiting bars.

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Well, now it’s time for me to leave and go back to France... So first of all I would like to thank all the team of the Clifton Suspension Bridge for having me here and to have been so kind with me.

Thank you!

I’ve spent three wonderful months at the Visitor Centre and really enjoyed it! During this time I have improved my English, seen and learnt a lot of things!

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Hello everyone!
I’m Johanna, I’m 24 and I’m French. I’m an intern for a work placement at the Clifton Suspension Bridge for three months. 
I come from a city called Nantes, in the north west of France, near French Brittany. Nantes is quite similar to Bristol: approximately the same weather and the same size. In Nantes, you can eat crepes and visit the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany and the beautiful Cathedral we have. It’s a nice city to visit, there are lots of events and things to do all the year.
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Before I begin writing I would like to take a minute to dedicate this post to the Bridge maintenance teams of past, present and future, whose work may go unnoticed by many, but is important to all.

Beside me sits a book over 100 years old, a log that begins in 1910 and has a month by month record of all work undertaken by the maintenance team up until 1960. I was tasked with going through the entries in an attempt to discover how snow and ice were originally removed from the bridge, a mystery that had eluded us, and I am sorry to say still does.

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After ten years as Bridgemaster at Clifton Suspension Bridge, David Anderson retires from the post on September 30th. His safety boots and hard hat will be filled by Chartered Civil Engineer and former Regional Director at the Institution of Civil Engineers, Trish Johnson. With several years’ experience as Head of Maintenance at the Severn Bridge, Trish is no stranger to iconic structures. We asked her what excites her most about this new role.

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So here we are, today is my last day here at the Clifton Suspension Bridge and in Bristol too, because I will leave from Bristol Airport tomorrow at 6 am, so I wouldn’t consider it as a day.

However, I don’t really know what to say, this experience of 5 weeks here at the Bridge (plus 1 week of English course) went really fast, probably because I enjoyed staying here in the city and working at this place, I didn’t mind being  1500 km away from home because it was really good here.

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Today I took the Bristol In-sight sightseeing bus from Clifton Village, it is a double decker bus and the top doesn’t have a roof, so you can view whatever you want and stand up if necessary. The seats are really comfortable. The driver was really kind and told me everything about riding the bus safely and the speaker did that too, introducing himself every time a new passenger hopped-on. The bus does a really long route in and around Bristol, it starts at a special bus stop in Millenium Square and then does a loop around the city.

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Hello everyone,
On the 26th of July I went into the vaults of the North Somerset abutment (under the tower!).
Does everyone know why there are two abutments? And why one is much bigger than the other one?

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Hello there,

Wednesday the 13th July I went to MShed, a really cool museum near the city centre, I took advantage of the day to visit other attractions too so I went to Arnolfini, an art gallery and to The Architecture Centre.  


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