If you're planning on bringing a large group to the bridge, you can book a 45 minute - 1 hour guided tour for adults at £5.75 per head (minimum fee £115, including VAT) lead by knowledgeable staff at any time by arrangement.

Although you won’t see any parts of the bridge that aren’t open to the public, you will have a chance to learn the story of the bridge. You’ll hear about the competition to design the bridge, a project plagued with problems and how the end result differed from the original design. We’ll tell you about Brunel and his family, explain how a suspension bridge works and how people crossed the gorge before it was built. You’ll hear some amazing stories about the people who used and maintained the bridge and the things we do in winter to keep it working!


Tour group


We are used to providing tours for groups with specialist interests, so please talk to us before your visit about the aspects of the bridge or Bristol that you are most interested in. We'll match you up with a tour guide who will be able to answer your group's questions, providing the right level of information whether you're after fun facts or technical expertise!

We'll also ensure that the tour suits your pace: there are plenty of places to sit along the way, but please let us know in advance if there is anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable. (For those who do not wish to cross, there is a fine view of the bridge from nearby benches of Clifton Downs and Observatory Hill.)

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