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On Saturday 20th September, almost 150 years to the day since the bridge was inspected by Dr. Livingstone and other members of the newly formed British Association for the Advancement of Science, we welcomed the IsamBards (Pameli Benham, Stewart Carswell, David Johnson and Deborah Harvey) to the bridge for two very special Poetry Tours. A new way to experience the bridge, these tours began with a bit of history on the Clifton Down viewpoint and ended with a reading in the Visitor Centre. The Isambards created a number of new poems especially for the tours - now available from our shop in a book costing £5.

We'll leave you with a little snippet from 'What sights this bridge has seen' by David Johnson.


What sights this bridge has seen

Since the first cart crossed its span

The final ferry ride from Hotwells

To the Leigh Woods side

The prodigal welcome home

For Brunel's rusting ship

The world's first bungee plunge

Taken by some larking students

The swooping swan-song

Of Filton's Concorde

The mass ascension

Of balloons...


You can read Deborah Harvey's poem about Sarah Henley here.

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