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My name is Charles Hendy and I attend Ashton Park School , my main interests within School are  History and D.T.
This is why I've chosen Clifton Suspension Bridge for my work experience as it has a rich history and is a icon in the industrial world meaning it fits my two school interests perfectly.

On my first day I was shown around the bridge and given some brief history and background information on the bridge so that I could be prepared for the upcoming week.
After lunch I helped guide two groups of young kids from Christ Church Primary School around the bridge by keeping them in control and making sure they listened to the tour provided; later in the day I was tasked with some basic office admin and web development.

On Tuesday morning I was tasked with helping along with the family learning visit for people with English as their second language , so helping them with their spelling and generally making sure they had a nice time. The Tuesday afternoon was heavily made up of adding new stock and having some basic till training

On the Wednesday I was sick so I cant report on this day.

On the Thursday morning I helped at the front of house with some of the volunteers and helped set up the vaults tour. In the afternoon I attended a meeting in the University Graduate Centre which mainly focused on the idea of making Bristol a more child friendly environment.

On the final day I attended a meeting at the Avon Gorge Hotel discussing how different establisments have benefited on the Shaun the Sheep trail and how they can connect with one another. In the afternoon I was shown around by the Head of Maintanence and one of the people working in the toll booth about what they have to do on a daily basis on the bridge and what the importance of it was.

All in all I have learned a variety of important skills throughout the course of the week that I wouldn't have learned otherwise to set me up for the working world.
My favourite parts of the week would have to be learning knowledge on the bridge and applying that knowledge into other tasks such as working with people.
My least favourite part of the week were the meetings, as I felt they dragged on and they werent to my interest.

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