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We offer a variety of workshops to groups of all ages from Year 1 to adult learners.  Workshops must be booked in advance and can be stand-alone sessions or booked in addition to a guided tour of the Bridge. Many of our workshops can be adapted for delivery to a wide range of ages and learning requirements.

We have listed below our current workshops however if you have a specific project in mind, please feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements!

Get in touch: To find out more or to make a booking, contact Kat Tudor on or phone 0117 974 4664 or 0770 360 9277.


One hour Bridge Building Challenge workshop - £5.00 per child per workshop. (minimum fee £75, includes VAT)

One hour education workshop - £5.50 per child per workshop. (minimum fee 82.50, includes VAT) If booked in addition to a tour, the total cost for both the tour and the workshop is £8.70 per child per visit (minimum fee £174, including VAT).

There is no charge for adults accompanying school groups with pupils aged 16 years and under.


Bridge Building Challenge - Suitable for Key Stage 2 and above.  This session can be adapted to suit varied learning levels including higher education students and adult learners including CPD groups 

Curriculum links- Science, Design & Technology, Maths and History

What is an engineer? What is a bridge? Why do we have bridges? What are the requirements of a bridge?

These questions plus many more are answered during our most popular workshop. Participants will learn about and identify different types of bridges and their usage. They will gain an understanding of the purpose of bridges and how they work, before focusing on the componants part and their functions of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. This includes a tour out on the bridge.  Participants will then work in small teams to complete the Bridge Building Challenge - to design and build a Bridge to cross a one metre gap using limited materials.  Completed bridges will be judged on strength, cost and aesthetic appeal. Materials for KS2 include newspaper, tape and string; a larger and more complex selection of items are available for KS3 and 4.

For the bext experience, we recommended combining this workshop with a general bridge tour.


 Bridge Building challenge (KS3-4)  



Bridge Stories Workshop - Suitable for Key Stage 1 & 2, can be adapted for all secondary levels and adult groups

Curriculum links: English - source work, reading & writing. History- local history, social history, turning points. Art and Design- drawing

Session leaders will present some weird and wonderful social history stories associated with the bridge before helping participants to find stories in our exhibition centre told by the public and workers of the bridge.  Participants will have the chance to read and handle Victorian postcards and diary entries in our collection.  Using this primary source material as to inspire their own storyline, participants can continue the story of those visitors in a piece of creative writing or choose to write or draw their own post card or diary entry.

(minimum 1 hour session)

Postcard from Bridgend



Three Billy Goats Gruff Story Walk & Workshop - Suitable for Nursery, Foundation and Year 1 classes

Curriculum links: English. Science - local environment, biology. Art and Design

Children learn about the Billy Goats that live in the Avon Gorge and their role as "Hairy Conservationists" before describing the typical features of a Billy Goat. Children will then create their own Goat Horns Headband to wear on a storywalk across the bridge which retells the famous childrens story!

(minimum 1 hour session)

Billy Goats Gruff StoryWalk



Bridge Maths Workshop - Suitable for Key Stage 1 & 2

Curriculum links: Maths

Children will be given an introduction to the bridge and what on earth it has to do with maths! Students will then complete our Bridge Maths worksheets in the Visitor Centre to solve various maths problems including using and recognising different monetary denominations, fractions, distances, measurements and weights, discussing their answers with the group. Just as in life, many of the challenges involve weighing up a variety of options and then choosing one to justify to the group.

(minimum 1 hour session)

Bridge maths




"Bits and pieces" shapes, materials and bridge bits!- suitable for Key Stage 1 & 2, ESOL groups, SEN groups and adult learners

Curriculum links- Design and Technology, Science, English and Maths

Children participate in a led session out on the bridge to learn more about the shapes and materials used to build the bridge and their properties. Children will be encouraged to find varied shapes and textures on the bridge and fill out a worksheet to record their findings during the session. Children will participate in short activities to see and feel the bridge move - to understand how the bridge works before completing a labelling excercise in the Visitor Centre.

(1 hour session)

Shapes and materials



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