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Last week we launched a new range of products for our Visitor Centre Gift Shop which have been designed by five Art Students from South Gloucester College.

It was a brilliant evening to congratulate them on their achievements, a chance for them to see the products on sale and invite friends and family along to purchase the products! We are so happy with how all the products turned out and are very proud of what they all created. On the night we did a short interview with each artist to find out how they found the project and what they are going to do next.

Students with their products

Maddie who designed the keyring bottle opener keyring said "I most enjoyed having the chance to design something that would be produced to a professional standard. It was difficult getting my ideas from paper to computer and to get it to the right specification for the manufacturer to make it. Also, I had to tone down my artistic style, which is usually quite scary, to fit with the product." If Maddie had another opportunity to design another product, she said it would be another keyring showing her scary style. Maddie follows horror mangaka artist, Junji Ito for inspiration. Maddie’s dream project would be a scary storytelling experience!

Kathyrn who designed a print tote bag and button badge set said "I most enjoyed having the opportunity to design a souvenir for the Clifton Suspension Bridge gift shop. It was difficult choosing which angle of the bridge was the best as I wanted it to be my own unique take on the bridge." If Kathryn had another opportunity to design another product that she would like to design a metal keyring. Kathryn is going to Hereford College of Arts to study Illustration. Kathryn loves artist and writer Beatrix Potter, as she would really like to one day write and illustrate her own children’s books.

Jess who designed the ‘Back Bone of the Bridge’ range said: "I most enjoyed seeing the end product and the most difficult part was getting the scaling right." Jess thought her bright design would look great on a pair of socks; we agree! Jess is going to the University of Arts London to study Illustration in September. For inspiration, she follows photographer Ralachoi and artist Toulouse Lautrec. Her dream project would be to design a film set.


Emily who designed the black tote bag said "Throughout the project, I most enjoyed learning the business side of things, which will be really useful for the future. Also, as I am not from Bristol, having the opportunity to design this bag means that there will always be a part of me in Bristol." Emily found deciding on a final design the most challenging part. Emily said, "If I got the opportunity to design another product, I would like to design a laptop case as it would be great for students." Emily is going to Loughborough University to study Textiles: Innovation and design. Emily follows Alexander McQueen for inspiration. Her dream project would be to design a sustainable sportswear brand.

Charly who designed the Clifton notebook said "I most enjoyed understanding and getting the experience of what it would like to be a graphic designer. I wanted to create a product that people could understand and use but also something fun and contemporary. If I had another opportunity to design another product, I would like to create prints out of the notebook my designed in 4 different pop art colours." Charly is going to University of Arts London to do Graphic Branding and Identity. Charly follows David Carson, Andy Warhol and Robert Mars for inspiration. Charly’s dream project would be to work on a magazine.

All products available in our gift shop, prices starting at £5.00! 


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