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We are often asked for plans or measurements of the bridge for projects ranging from engineering to art to model making. If you're working on a project based around the Clifton Suspension Bridge, you'll find some useful PDFs to download at the bottom of this page. If the information you require does not appear, please email with your request and we'll do our best to help!

In 2014, Matt Pearce of Pearce3D created these stunning visualisations of the bridge. Pearce3D is an architectural visualisation company based in Portishead that produces 3D visualisations (CGI’s) for anything from one off residential developments to large scale developments, heritage, commercial and leisure projects for planning & marketing imagery. From sketch images to quality CGI visualisations Pearce3D will work to clients timescales and at competitive rates. We used some of Matt's images in our permanent exhibition, where they help to explain how suspension bridges work in tension and compression to distribute load. We also use these visualisations when working with schools on physics and engineering projects and when giving guided tours.

All images below are copyright Pearce3D.

Bridge - side view

Here's the whole of the bridge from Leigh Woods on the left to Clifton on the right.

At each end you can see the anchorages, which extend underground and keep the bridge in tension.


Bridge deck

Here's the bridge deck from below. You can see the Douglas fir timbers and the cross girders which strengthen it.


underside of bridge

You might only get this view from the Avon Trail! Heres the bridge from beneath and those lovely cross girders again.


Leigh Woods Tower

This is the Leigh Woods Tower...

Clifton Tower

...and this is the Clifton Tower. Look carefully and you'll find three difference between them.

Make sure you include the differences in any models or drawings you create!



Here's a closer view of the anchorages. They are an important part of the structure but deep underground so you won't be able to see them if you visit in person.


Michael Allen used our plans to make a copy of the bridge for his model railway:

Mick's Model bridge


Tony Musgrave recreated the Avon Gorge as it would have looked in the late 1950s for his set up:

Tonys model of the Avon Gorge


Here's a spectacular wedding cake created by Mary and Mike Gough for the wedding of Mr and Mrs Paul and Sayana Rimmer. (Photographs courtesy of Arturas Bondarciukas.)

Paul tells the story here: "Sayana was teaching English language at University in Russia, which had a connection with Bristol University. She was sent a postcard from Bristol with the photo of Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge and wondered at this beautiful piece of Victorian Engineering and if ever she would be able to cast her very own eyes on it. And so the seeds were sown and grew from there for Sayana's emigration from Russia to Bristol/England and why this piece of man-made engineering is so significant in our world. Knowing that my Auntie Mary, cake creator extraordinaire, had a cake design talent unsurpassed by anyone, could she create us a bridge cake? She was delighted to take on a challenge because of the story behind it. She even had to employ a sub-contractor, timber engineering by uncle Mike, to be able to deliver the result. And what a cake this is, a significant achievement, this is art, of the highest standard and a piece of engineering even Brunel would be proud of - how does it stay there?!!"

The wedding cake

The happy couple


Eight year old Tegan Oliver came to visit us during the summer holidays to research the bridge for a school project. She created a model of the bridge and a factfile about the history of the bridge and her visit to us to accompany it.

Tegans bridge

Tegans factfile

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